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Absolute Kitchens



Absolute Kitchens Ballarat - Kitchens . . .

When it comes to choosing the right kitchen for your existing house or new home there are many things that should be considered.

Your new kitchen should be aesthetically pleasing to you, but also needs the added functionality to suit your lifestyle and individual needs.

Important things to consider are the number of people living in your home, types of meals prepared and the amount of entertaining you do, all these factors will determine how much bench and cupboard space is actually needed.

We will incorporate your design ideas and improvements into a budget you feel comfortable with.

Our overall personalised design service incorporates every detail of planning so your new kitchen will have many features that are tailored just for you.


At Absolute Kitchens we can supply your ovens, rangehoods, dishwashers, hardwired microwaves and much more. At Absolute Kitchens we have a large range of material options to build your new kitchen from. Wood (solid and veneer) and laminate (high pressure and melamine) are two of the most popular options, but stone, stainless steel and glass are increasingly in demand.

Whichever materials you opt for, keep in mind that one type of kitchen material used throughout the kitchen - especially if the room is spacious - can tend to look monotonous. We can discuss the best ways for your kitchen to stand out with you.

Consider mixing the materials up - for example, some of your cabinets may use glossy laminate and others clear or frosted glass. Stainless steel, easy-to-clean and professional looking, may be fine on benchtops and splashbacks, but may appear too clinical if it appears on every surface (cupboards and drawers included).

Of course, the paint on the walls will also help to tie-in with the overall material scheme of the kitchen.

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Kitchens . . .

An Absolute Kitchen will add value to your home, updating you to either an ultra modern existence or bringing back old world charm. Our friendly staff are happy to talk to you to discuss your needs and help you design the perfect kitchen for your existing decor.


Vanities . . .

At Absolute Kitchens we have our own quality custom made vanity and cabinet making facilities, and can provide any waterproofing and other bathroom renovations you need. Take the hassle out of your bathroom or laundry renovations today and we will do all the work for you.


Laundries . . .

Absolute Kitchens specialise in building laundry storage rooms, which helps you to keep your laundry tidy and well maintained. In today's age when you live a busy lifestyle, coming home to a house with no clutter and that has an air of spaciousness is important.


Wardrobes . . .

Absolute Kitchens can build a large range and variety of wardrobes to suit your existing interior or to match in with your new home design. Absolute Kitchens offer a complete, hassle-free service to meet your needs, we will even help you to pick out your fittings.


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